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I base my work on the principles of classical dressage, liberty training, as well as starting a horse to saddle andits schooling using either a bitted or bitless bridle. Training sessions are based on the following principles:

  • Effective leading and development of trust
  • Relaxation and suppleness
  • Unrestrained movement in search for the balance and carrying ability
  • Lightness and willingness
  • Subtle communication
  • Attention and connectedness (contact)
  • Fully developed agility of horse’s body
  • Heightened tolerance and psychological stability in horse

Priority in schooling a young horse is gradual development of pressure – release communication, distinct activation, body awareness, search and maintaining of the balance, developing the carrying capacity. These capabilities are evolved progressively with in-hand work, lunge work without restraining gadgets. By effective communication Irena leads the horse to find desired working position which he willingly maintains due to experience of lightness and fluidity in movement. Thus horse is later ready to undertake riding work, already understanding the subtle aids and is able to easily find self-carriage and balance.

In the training sessions, kinesiology principles and each horse’s ethological characteristics are taken into account. The training consists of a combination of techniques carried out in intervals: groundwork, liberty training, lungeing, and under saddle work. Horse schooling is varied and consists of manege activities, dressage, working with cavaletti, and carrying out small jumps, as well as trail riding on different terrains. The horse thus develops its potential to be a healthy, balanced, and willing partner.

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