Irena Gubina – Bitless dressage

Would you like to learn an integrated bitless way of riding? Do you face trouble with your horse and would like to communicate with it more effectively? Or would you like to start your young horse in a positive and constructive manner?  With Irena you will experience fresh and kind approach in learning and achieving desired goals for you and your horse.

Through the years Irena have encountered different types of horses and training in several equestrian disciplines. For more than 15 years now she has been carving her own path, searching for new approaches in equestrianism. Her goal was to breed her own horses and train them gradually, in a non-authoritative manner, following the horse’s own rhythm. With methodical bitless holistic training the horses retain responsiveness, sensitivity, and their own individual personality, while gaining in lightness, suppleness, and power of movement under the weight of the rider.

Holistic approach to horsemanship is founded on awareness of one’s body and the subtle communication between rider and horse. Irena’s holistic approach to riding is based on energy, breath, intention, awareness, and specifying each movement/aid as a means of communication. This all leads to precise movement synchronization of rider and horse and thus their harmonious movement. Holistic riding students get acquainted with and learn to do groundwork and lungeing. Irena believes that the student thus gains a comprehensive understanding, insight, and sense for leading and communicating with the horse, which results in a more successful learning process.

Basic riding lessons

Basic riding lessons represent an introduction into the holistic horsemanship. You will learn to take care for the horse,…

Advanced riding lessons

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Holistic training of a horse

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Compact riding lessons

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Workshops for children

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Trail ride

Experience one or more hours ride in lovely green landscape where …


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