Horse Riding for Children

Guided horse riding for children, getting acquainted with the horse, establishing contact, exercising on the horse


Group Workshops with Horses

Group workshops for children meeting a horse for the first time involve getting acquainted with the horse, riding and exercising on the horse, and playing with unbridled horses.


Riding course for beginners

Beginner riders find out about the horse’s behavior, horse care, basic communication between rider and horse, and the basics of riding on a leadrope.


Advanced riding course

Independent riding as per Equestrian Academy programmes, learning subtle and clear communication, basics of different horse training techniques


Classical dressage principles

Advanced level of riding, learning elements of classical dressage on the ground and in the saddle


Trail riding

Trail riding for experienced riders (lasting one or more hours)


The Touch of Pegasus Experiential Workshopfor individuals and groups, following equine therapy methods

This is a self-discovery workshop for everyone who would like to gain a better understanding of themselves and at the same time find out about more constructive ways of reacting to life’s challenges.


Starting young horses to saddle and corrective training

Starting a young horse to saddlelasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on the experience and wishes of the owner. It can be done using a bitted or a bitless bridle. In both cases the horse trains without the use side reins, according to the principles of communication using body language and guidance, while maintaining its free movement.

A young horse learns about trust, balance, and carrying strength with in-hand work and longeing.It improves its flexibility and proprioception with gymnastic groundwork.The horse gradually gets used to subtle riding aids and thus learns effective communication.Through the process of breaking a horse to saddle, the right muscles to carry weight are developed, and the horse is psychologically prepared to perform more demandingunder saddle work.

The horse is introduced to under saddle work gradually.This entails long reining(adjusting to hand aids), adjusting to weight, feeling the weight while striding,passages, reacting to leg aids and weight while striding,longer interval work in different gaits, and adjusting to be ridden in different environments.

Corrective training of horses already started to saddle is done firstly with an ethological assessment of the horse and a description of the issue. Problems mostly arise due to anunconsolidated basis (or lack thereof),incomplete knowledge of horse behavior or care and unsuitable training. After that, a plan of corrective training is devised. The owner of the horse is also guaranteed assistance (theoretical and practical).


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