Integrated horse riding is concerned with a deeper understanding and mastering of the rider’s movement, self-awareness,and finding qualities to which the horse reacts by cooperating. Both horse and rider move as one harmonious whole. It aims at synchronizingridingaids and movement of both bodies and thus attaining relaxation and comfort in movement.

Integrated horse riding puts the individuality of the rider and the horsefirst. Each person will establish a unique relationship with a certain horse. The teacher’s role is to listen and support the process with openness and understanding. The learning process is interactive and promotes dialogue between the learner and the teacher. Thus they build mutual understanding and trust, which are fundamental prerequisites of successful learning.

The integrated approach involves horsewellbeing as well. A good quality of life is provided by adequate and regular care, quality food, a varied training regime, large paddocks, and the company of other horses with fitting personalities. This will bring about a calm, curious, and willing horse. The coexistence of horses and people on a farmstead provide a unique experience whereby the daily rhythms of animals and humans are intertwined, bringing harmony and satisfaction into the lives of both.


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