My first contact with horses happened in my teenage years at the Struga Equestrian Club in Otočec. These majestic responsive animals enchanted me so much that I dedicated most of my youth to them. Growing up I was involved in several equestrian disciplines: show-jumping, galloper and trotter training, trail riding, and dressage (lastat the Lipica Stud Farm).

Within these disciplines I learned different approaches to horse training. These approaches, though, didn’t involve a holistic view of the horse or the subtle communication and mutual relationship between rider and horse. Equestrianism, more often than not, regards the horse as a biological machine, a prop to be brought to obedience with different repressive methods in order to attain personal goals and make profit, at the expense of the horse’s health and nature.

In 2007, I moved to a farmstead in Senožeče, where I started my own herd of Lipizzaners. Breeding young horses took me on the path of learning and researching a different approach to horse training and riding. This has developed through thorough research of literature and video material on biomechanics, classical dressage training, and seminars on equestrianism both in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Riding instructor (Slovenian Equestrian Academy)
  • Racing horses trainer
  • Member of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association)
  • Ethology Academy SA student
  • Continuous professional development at seminars

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